Accepted papers

Submitted Papers are bresented as regular talks or as short communications.

Regular talks

  • Michal Armoni, Tamar Benaya, David Ginat and Ela Zur: Didactics of Introduction to Computer Science in High School
  • Ofra Brandes, Tamar Vilner and Ela Zur: Software Design Course for Leading CS In-service Teachers
  • Philipp Brauner, Thiemo Leonhardt, Martina Ziefle and Ulrik Schroeder: The effect of tangible artifacts, gender and subjective technical competence on teaching programming to seventh graders
  • Michal Forisek: The difficulty of programming contests increases
  • Michal Forisek and Monika Steinova: Didactic Games For Teaching Information Theory
  • Irene Glendinning and Margaret Low: Collaborative Initiatives for Promoting Computer Science in Secondary Schools
  • Clare McInerney: Having Fun with Computer Programming and Games: Teacher and Student Experiences
  • Lucia Keller, Dennis Komm, Giovanni Serafini, Andreas Sprock and Bjoern Steffen: Teaching Public-Key Cryptography in School
  • Johannes Magenheim, Wolfgang Nelles, Thomas Rhode and Niclas Schaper: Towards a methodical approach for an empirically proofed competency model
  • Roland Mittermeir, Ernestine Bischof and Karin Hodnigg: Teaching Kids to Teach their Teachers
  • Michela Pedroni and Bertrand Meyer: Object-oriented modeling of Object-Oriented Concepts -- A Case Study in Structuring an Educational Domain
  • Monika Steinová and Juliana Šišková: Programming camps: letting children discover Computer Science
  • Michael Weigend: Mission to Mars – a Study on Naming and Referring
  • Cecile Yehezkel and Bruria Haberman: Long-term development of software projects - Students' self-appreciation and expectations

Short communications

  • Peter Antonitsch: From Object-Orientation to Human-Centeredness
  • Peter Antonitsch, Andrea Grossmann and Peter Micheuz: Beaver, Kangaroo and Classroom Situations: A Promising Symbiosis
  • Jonas Blonskis and Valentina Dagiene: Maturity Exam in Programming for High School: Tasks Developing and Evaluation Approaches
  • Natasa Grgurina and Lars Tijsma: Game Maker Workshop
  • Douglas Henrich: Practical Ethics: Developing a Social Conscience
  • Eugenijus Kurilovas and Silvija Serikoviene: Personalisation of Learning Objects and Environments for Informatics Science Education in Lithuania
  • Peter Micheuz: Reflections on Software Tools in Informatics Teaching
  • Noa Ragonis and Orit Hazzan: A Reflective Practitioner's Perspective on Computer Science Teacher Preparation
  • Ralf Romeike and Andreas Schwill: The Development of a Regional CS Competition
  • Lothar Schäfer, Hans-Stefan Siller and Florian Strasser: Modern Web Development in Schools


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Past Conferences

Torun (Poland, 2008)
Proceedings: Volume 5090 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science

Vilnius (Lithuania, 2006)
Proceedings: Volume 4226 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science

Klagenfurt (Austria, 2005)
Proceedings: Volume 3422 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science

Conference Proceedings

Volume 5941 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science

Proceedings of Short Communications